Getting Started With a Project

The following information will walk you through the portal engagement process to work with MSI. In the event you have any questions regarding this process, please feel free to contact us at any time by calling MSI’s Director of Operations at 601.351.5023. In addition, Renee Murray, Procurement/Consulting Team Leader with MS Information Technology Services can be reached at 601.432.8146.

Step 1 | Gather Your Team

MSI believes in a team approach to Web design and application development. Such an approach brings out multiple perspectives, which can help everyone to understand and determine the necessary application requirements. This best practice helps ensure that applications will be intuitively designed to meet your business needs and integrate with your Web presence. We recommend that you include the following talents in your planning team:

  • Policy Maker/Director
  • Public Information Officer/Public Relations, Government Relations
  • Administrative, Customer Service
  • Project Leader
  • Technical, Systems Administration

Step 2 | Complete a Preliminary Project Proposal / EOC approval

Once you have gathered your team for a desired Web application or service, you will work with an MSI Project Manager to complete a project proposal. Through this process, MSI will gain a better understanding of your business process and solution requirements. Once MSI completes the proposal, we will present your request to the eGovernment Oversight Committee (EOC) for approval and priority.

Step 3 | Create a Functional Specifications

After we have met to discuss the requirements of your project, MSI will create a functional specification document and submit it to your team for review. This functional specification will define the flow, features and requirements of the service and/or application.

Step 4 | Approve and Sign Statement of Work (SOW)

Once the functional specifications have been completed and approved, MS Information Technology Services will provide you with a Statement of Work that outlines the specific terms, conditions and responsibilities for all parties involved. Once the contract is approved and signed, your application and/or service will be added to the MSI development queue you will be provided with an estimated completion date. Timelines will most likely be impacted if any changes in the scope of work occur after this point.

Step 5 | Develop the Web Site, Application, and/or Service

MSI will develop your Website, application and/or service based on the functional specifications document. Development time varies by application, depending on the individual features and service needs.

Step 6 | Create a Marketing Plan (if applicable)

While your Web site, application and/or service is being developed MSI will work with your team to create a marketing plan. This will ensure that the necessary communications and processes can be put into place to inform constituents of your new online service offering. As more and more of your customers interact with your agency online you will begin to save more and more resources. These resource savings can then be allocated to other more important tasks that result in even greater efficiencies for your agency.

Step 7 | Website, Application, and/or Service User Acceptance Testing

Once your Web application has been developed and is ready for beta testing, MSI will work with your team to perform acceptance testing. MSI is committed to ensuring that your Web application and/or service meets all of your functional requirements, is secure, and that your system is “bug free”.

Step 8 | Deployment Authorization

After your application has been thoroughly reviewed and tested your team will need to verify that you have approved your Web site and/or application to be deployed to a production environment.

Step 9 | Support

MSI will support, maintain, and host your Web site and/or application and work with your team to resolve any unforeseen issues that may arise. If your team has a need to introduce new functionality or upgrades to your application, MSI will work with you using the above project life cycle steps as needed so that any changes can be implemented in the most efficient manner.

Step 10 | Feedback

MSI values your feedback and continuously strives to improve our processes. Please let us know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.


MSI will provide your team with various reports and communications throughout the life cycle of the project to ensure that you have a clear understanding of the status. If you desire, post production reporting, which provides your team with application up time information and adoption statistics via online Web reporting, is available at no additional cost.​